Friday, December 18, 2009

About the Association

Recently founded, this association seeks to modernize and bring together electronics related sites' webmasters for collaboration and mutual benefit. Here you can find some of our policies and requirements:

Member requirements:
 To have a quality website with electronics related information useful to the user, with contact information visible in every page for users and members to contact for help or possible collaborations.

Member obligations:
 Link to the association's website, either with a static link or image, Visible in every page of your site, as part of a "member of" message.
 Link to at least one other member's website, as part of a review or in a resources or links page.
 Inform the association of any changes in links, web address or membership status, so that we can adjust and help you maintain your benefits.

Member benefits:
 Links from electronics related websites or blogs, as per our members obligations requirements.
 Collaboration oportunities, such as guest articles, design advise, job/income related collaborations and advertising.
 Limited time, members only projects and programs.
 Advise on site related improvements, such as Search engine optimization, monetization tips and traffic analysis, as well as site design and usability.

Linking policy:
 The link to the Associations website must be part of a "member of" message, and must include its full name [ Association of web electronics ], the link should not include the nofollow attribute or be otherwise obfuscated, to ensure links carry search engine's benefits.

 Links to other member's websites should not include the nofollow attribute, also members should not link back to another member's site that has linked to them, instead, the link should be directed to a third member, so as to not trigger search engine's penalties on excessive reciprocal links.

 Links may either be anchored with the name of the site, or keywords for which the receiver of the link would like to rank for, with proper consent from the site that will link out.

 Members should keep record of all link partners, both outbound and inbound. Inform of any changes to your links, as per members obligations, so that other members can update their records. Records are useful to check for link partners, and to avoid asking multiple times the same member for links.

Competition policy:
 The very nature of the web and search results pages (SERPS) is a very competitive one, as there is only a limited amount of space available and time that the users are willing to spend when looking for information. Members of our association should have a competitive advantage over other, non member sites. Should more than one member sites compete for a top position in the SERPS, there'll be no favoritism for any one site, our efforts are to be focused on helping member sites over non members, and not helping one member over another.

Important notice:
Since we are a webmasters association, our benefits and requirements deal extensively about increased visibility in search engines, achieved with highly relevant links from other electronics sites. This does not mean that we are a link farm or link exchange program, in fact, any site that engages is questionable linking or promotion practices may be expelled from the association, and lose any and all benefits, including links and contributed material.

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